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Hello, I'm Rada Hrout

Empowerment Coach and Mentor

My passion in life is to support people in their self-discovery and development path. Witnessing this great moment when people find their inner peace and happiness is the fuel that keeps me going. I have collected all my practical experience, inner discoveries and wide learnings to craft Self-development programs which tackle all aspects of your Being (Mind, Emotions, Soul and body) to enjoy a steady and sustainable growth journey.

My journey in the Human Development world started in 2003 as a Learning & Development Specialist in one of the biggest corporates in Jordan and continued till i became Sr. Manager supporting hundreds of employees in their development and growth. During this time, I designed and implemented tens of techniques and programs to support people in their growth and learning path. But I always believed there is something missing in the development recipe the traditional development programs are offering, till the moment I entered the world of Energy and Quantum science. Only then I felt the recipe is complete and now we can create the sustainable change and growth for individuals and teams.

Through blending both the hard side of personal development (technical tools and techniques) with the soft side (NLP, subconscious programming, energy practices) we can guaranty the real Shift and Transformation.

Finally, every human being has the right to live the best life she/he is dreaming off, the only limitation for this is our self-doubting beliefs and negative thoughts, and you have all the power and capability to change and redesign them. The moment you take off the dark glasses and open the windows to the new dawn you will see all your blessings and capabilities to become your own Hero and to 

Reach A Dawn of Aspirations.

Rada Hrout

15 years+ of Human Development Experience,

Master NLP Practitioner,

Certified Life Coach (ICF), 

Industrial Engineer, 

MA Enterprising Management


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