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In the past months, I felt things were not going as I want, it was a challenging time, to see my efforts and actions not producing the results I want. I kept increasing my efforts and worked harder to push and control the output. That’s what I’m used to do since childhood, everything can be done with hard work, isn’t it !!!

But the results were surprising to me, the harder I push, the more frustrated I become with the output. Till I reached a breaking point, a tough low state, I felt as if I lost control over my life, hopeless and not knowing what to do. At that moment I received the answer;

It’s not always about actions, sometimes the only thing you have to do, is to Trust and let go.


To allow things to unfold in their natural pace, and to believe that the Greater Power of this universe (GOD) will take care of your worries. This might sound easy, and no brainer, while in reality it can be the hardest thing to do, especially for High achievers. Those who are used to do things, plan, deliver and over achieve, they believe they need to be always on top of things, having plans, and at a standby mode all the time, anticipating for anything to happen. Always trying to control everything; the actions, the results and even other peoples’ behaviors and feelings!

And when things drift from their plan, or don’t meet their expectations, they go through tough time, struggling to find an action to put things in order again, and when they fail to find this action they doubt themselves and life, they feel unconfident, and not good enough. They worry all the time, thinking it is the way to stay in control, believing that, when they keep thinking, and anticipating for the wrong to happen will make them control the output.

Many times, we fall in this mind trap, to Trust only what we think is within our direct influence.



Don’t get me wrong, I’m not asking you to stop working and doing things, the point here is beside doing, there should be a belief that things will unfold in the best way, let go of the worry and overthinking, and hand it to GOD. Life is not meant to happen as per our rules, it’s a dance between your efforts and beliefs,

and if they are not aligned, conflicts arise, especially if you don’t believe that the highest power of the Universe has your best interest in mind, when we are in a tough time, or when we remember old wounds and failures, the inner struggle gets louder and the pain hijacks us.


But, is it a lack of faith? Or lack of understanding what faith and struggling with it?

Faith; is believing and trusting, and our struggles can be summarized in two points:


First Point; We doubt the power within and around us.

Though if we pause for a second and look around, we will find huge evidences of the greatness of this power, moving galaxies, maintaining universal order, growing life, and we will discover that we are trusting this power in keeping our life going, if it was your own well power and intellect your heart would have stopped beating the moment you lost focus on this task!!

Second Point; We doubt that this power has our highest good in its’ concern.

This is the point which many of us struggle with, what if this power doesn’t love me, or doesn’t put my best interest as priority, what if I have done too many mistakes that prevent me of being accepted by this power…

We judge this power and perceive it as a form of low energy, as if we are dealing with a negative version of a human being, who would judge, hate, discriminate and take revenge…

I know when we feel down at the dark moments of the soul, we step into despair and things look ugly, but if we just stop and look around, we will see the amount of love we are receiving every second and will notice how blessed we are, and how many times this power supported us in tough moments. We will realize then how merciful this power is.

I love a paragraph from the “40 Rules of Love” book which explain our connection with GOD in an amazing way:


Rule number 1: How we see God is a direct reflection of how we see ourselves. If God brings to mind mostly fear and blame, it means there is too much fear and blame welled inside us. If we see God as full of love and compassion, so are we.


It’s time to connect with the best parts of ourselves and see the universe from this side. If you can be honest, merciful, kind, genuine and supportive then for sure your creator is the core of this goodness, and for sure, anyone in the universe can have these qualities too. However, when you doubt yourself you doubt everything. So, it’s time to trust in the goodness you have and the goodness in everything…


Now the question is how to make the Trust a state of being and live it every day? which will be covered in more depth in the next article, so stay tuned.




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