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Join one of our programs and take a step towards your personal empowerment

Group Base Virtual Learning Sessions (Life 101):

In the group laser sessions we cover the universal laws which govern the world around and beyond us, and how to utilize these laws in designing and achieving the life we are looking for.

Laser Sessions: Short and effective, allows you to contemplate and reflect on the information and exercises shared without overwhelming your mind.

Group Base: Sessions in small groups proved to be a highly effective way to stimulate your learning process. The interaction which take place inside and outside the session opens new dimensions of learning, and the power of the collective mind raise facilitate the knowledge transfer.

One to One Sessions:

In this line of programs I blend the learning, coaching and healing in customized sessions based on your needs and stage in your development journey. Its designed to focus on the most compelling issues in your life and support you thriving through it and reach your desired output.

This program can be done as a continuation for the Life 101 program or as a stand alone program depending on your objectives and the purpose of your enrollment.

Each session is a blend of Coaching, Teaching and Healing customized according to your objectives and needs. 

Life 101 Program:

Take the keys of your personal Heaven and understand how to use them. Everything in the universe is supporting your growth and fulfillment, you only need to understand the laws of the Universe that govern everything, and how to speak their language. In my Life 101 series (Laser Group) sessions, will take you in a fun journey discovering the realms of your inner self and how you are creating your reality without you realizing that. The programs are based on the latest scientific discoveries in Quantum physics and Neuroscience integrated with Energy teachings and practices, designed in a simple practical way which you can apply in your day to day life.

The Program consists of 2 Modules:

One to One Sessions:

Personalized support and empowerment sessions, focusing on the most compelling issues in your life to help you reach higher states and elevations. In these sessions you will work individually with me, and the schedule of the sessions will be flexible.There are two types of packages, one for Life 101 Student and graduates and the other one for new members.

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