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My Guide and True Support…

For me, Rada was a God-Gift. I always consider myself privileged that our paths crossed at a very early stage of my life. I was going through tough times and hard personal experiences back then, and although I did not seek help, somehow Rada found me and helped me! and what started back then as a simple help turned out to be the first step towards the journey of finding myself, and falling in love with myself and my life again…

Since 2007 Rada was my business coach, my life coach and a true friend when I most needed one. The change she has made into my life is so big that I genuinely believe my life wont be the same without Rada as my coach. She has guided me through a number of changes and helped me make some of the toughest decisions while remaining focused and optimistic. The more I have grown – personally and professionally – the more I realize how important it is to have someone like her to take your hand and keep you on the right track.

What I learnt from Rada is much more than concepts, knowledge and theories, she helped me find my path and life purpose, create my own value system and adopt a life philosophy.

I always look forward to my conversations with Rada, she always balances between careful listening and sharing her wealth of experience and ideas. She has incredible ability to go beyond the symptoms and heal the core… She is a real treasure for whom I will always be in debt!

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