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A life Changing Experience

I stared my life coaching journey with Rada in march 2015, at that time I was working on my skills and beliefs in order to reach a Higher role in my organization or that what i though i wanted then!

After few sessions with Rada i started to see a new way of being, how my thoughts are shaping mylife, how i have the power to be in higher emotional state by simple choices, how to believe and reach.

I witnessed immediate impact on my life and started to feel happier and more confident in the future, I built more authentic relations with the people around me and stared to enjoy everything i do.

This inner work translated into output after less than a year, when i was offered a General Manager Role for one of the big groups in the GCC which was beyond the goal i was aspiring for when i started my inner journey. and i know i will never be here without working on my beliefs and how i look to life.

Today im celebrating my life every moment and looking for more growth to come.

Thank you Rada for being part of my journey

Tamer Bustami Business Owner


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